For the second consecutive year under the Presidency of Bordeaux Metropole and ArianeGroup, the 2nd 2021 CVA Council of Mayors was held at the Mercure Hotel in the heart of Bordeaux, in line with the health regulations in force due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The next day, the Council of Mayors took place, bringing together the cities of Bremen, Les Mureaux, Vernon, Liege and Seville, as well as representatives from ESA, Cnes, Arianespace, ArianeGroup, Avio, Clemessy, l’école de l’air et de l’espace and, above all, the Colleferro City Council, which will take over the 2022 Presidency with Avio. Following this Council, the Ordinary General Assembly closed the morning of 19 November.

Stéphane Delpeyrat, Deputy Vice-President of CVA, Vice-President of Bordeaux Métropole and Mayor of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles chaired the council alongside Antoinette Pedron, Secretary General of CVA 2020-2021 and Jean-Sébastien Lemay, General Delegate.

Many topics were discussed, such as:

  • the European space sector in the face of increasing competition;
  • the objectives and purpose of the CVA as an association:
  • the association’s activities in 2021 following the impact of the Covid-19 crisis;
  • the CVA presidency from Colleferro to 2022:
  • the assessment of the programme of events and actions organised by the CVA and Bordeaux Métropole in 2021;
  • the presentation of the new measures relating to the communication of the association, the financial balance for 2021 and its budgetary projection for 2022;
  • the appointment of the new CVA Treasurer, Brigitte de Deyne, representative of the city of Liège;
  • the appointment of the new CVA General Delegate, Marco Biagioni, CEO of Europropulsion.

This convivial and institutional gathering, which this year took place in Bordeaux Métropole, allows, twice a year, to promote cooperation between the Ariane Cities network and its industrial partners, while setting the actions to be carried out by the association to increase the influence of the space transport sector in Europe.

The CVA is in particular thanking Bordeaux Métropole and ArianeGroup for their support and their involvement in this collaboration during these two years of Presidency. After a positive outcome despite a Presidency punctuated by the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 40 events took place in 2020 and 2021 to promote European space transportation.

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