On 20 February, Bordeaux-Métropole took over the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA). On this occasion, the Bordeaux Metropole Tower was transformed into an Ariane 6 launch pad by the artist Gaspare Di Caro.

After Les Mureaux in 2018 and Sevilla in 2019, in 2020 the Bordeaux Métropole will take over the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA). This presidency reflects the strong industrial footprint of the space sector in the region, notably with ArianeGroup, the largest private employer in the metropolis.

Bordeaux Métropole, with the support of the City of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles and ArianeGroup, has prepared a programme of events and activities with the aim of uniting all the players in the region around four objectives:

  • raising the awareness and knowledge of the general public, especially the younger generation, about space transportation, space and science in general,
  • the promotion of science, scientific, technical and industrial culture of space,
  • enhancing economic and professional opportunities,
  • the development of privileged links between the CVA cities and the actors of the space ecosystem.

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