Thanks to the Community of Ariane Cities, the DLR and the ESA/EAC, on 12  April, the 5th year “Science” students of the Athenaeum of Léonie de Waha (Liège) had a date with space. A trip to Cologne to see the EAC and the DLR. On the menu, the daily life of the astronauts on board the ISS, their follow-up before and after their departure in space, the impact of their mission on their body, health.

But astronauts were not the only aspect of space discussed. The DLR also explained the MUSC and important missions such as « Rosetta/Philae » and its exploration of a comet, IDEFIX, an upcoming mission (2027).

The group had the privilege of meeting Raphael Liégeois, a Belgian who is preparing to realize his dream of exploring the stars by becoming an astronaut. Currently in the midst of his training process, part of which is taking place at the EAC (European Astronaut Centre), where he is perfecting his skills in areas ranging from space physiology to the handling of advanced equipment. Despite his busy schedule, Raphael took time out to greet the Belgian students, sharing his enthusiasm for space exploration and earning the admiration of all those lucky enough to cross his path.


It was an unforgettable day for the 42 students and their supervisors and … perhaps some vocations might follow …

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