CVA Activities in Member Cities : Secondary School Student from Liège visit the “European Astronaut Center” and DLR in Cologne – A testimony

“Thanks to the Community of Ariane Cities, the DLR and the ESA/EAC, on 20 April, the last year “Science” students of the Athenaeum of Léonie de Waha had a date with Space. A trip to Cologne to see the EAC and the DLR. On the menu, the daily life of the astronauts on board the ISS, their follow-up before and after their departure in space. But astronauts were not the only aspect of space discussed. The DLR also explained important missions such as « Rosetta/Philae » and its exploration of a comet, « Insight/HP3 » and Mars as well as « Mascot » and the exploration of an asteroid. Not forgetting the sun and the impact of potential new technologies leading to a more sustainable world via the work done through the high flux density solar oven and the solar simulator. It was an unforgettable day for the 28 students and their supervisors and … perhaps some vocations might follow …” (text and photos by B. De Deyne).

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