In the frame of Science Holidays organised by the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA), the ArianeGroup site of Le Haillan, Bordeaux welcomed high school students from several European countries in early July.

As member of Ariane Cities, Bordeaux welcomed the CVA Science Holidays this year after the previous edition in Toulouse in 2017 and Cannes in 2016.

The aim of this one week educational programme for young Europeans of the age of 15 à 17 ans is to sensibilize them to space activities and robotics while offering them visit of Companies and intercultural activities. This year programme was very intense with many scientific activities: space conférence, drone and micro-launcher workshops, flight simulator, visit of Aérocampus and of Cap Sciences as well as cultural visit of the city of Bordeaux, Arcachon area and the Pylat dune. Steered by ArianeGroup employees Caroline Valade-Escande (Engineer for School), Loïc Lagadec et Erwan Gander, students discovered ArianeGroup at its site of Le Haillan. After a presentation of the company followed by a visit, students met during the morning three engineers to exchange on their experience and work life.

During the afternoon, the AJSEP association organised them a micro-launcher workshop enable students to implement their theoritical knowlegde received during the programme. In small teams, they went into competition with water micro-rockets to cover the longer distance. The winners reached 60m.

Lancement en cours lors de l'atelier micro-fusées
Crédit : Loic Lagadec (ArianeGroup)

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